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Tips on how to make your sale more successful and get the highest return:

  • Leave on the utilities. Water, trash, and power are essential. Cable for TV's are helpful.
  • Do not pile everything in boxes and haul them out to porches and garages.
  • If housekeeping standards are below average, consider some basic cleaning. We can arrange for this.
  • Don't start giving away items you may think are worthless. Tools, kitchenware, costume jewelry, books and linens are good sellers and can add substantially to the sale total.
  • Leave appliance booklets for both major and minor appliances for the new owner and for items to be sold.
  • Let friends and neighbors know about the sale. They are often the best buyers.
  • Do not let strangers in the house, especially after the ad is out. They may be "casing" the house or just nosey.
  • The odor of cigarettes and cigars will hurt the sale. If you are a smoker in a non smoker's home, consider limiting your tobacco use while indoors.
  • Help us by providing any sales receipts, old appraisals, documents or copies of these items.
  • If the house has termites, fleas, or rodents, these should be eliminated before a sale.
  • Do not take the light bulbs out of the lamps and over head lights. Good lighting helps a sale and lamps will not sell if they aren't working.
  • We need keys to get in the house and to any cabinets or safes.