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How far in advance should I call for an appointment?
Appraisers in this area are quite busy. Two weeks should be adequate but sometimes you can get an appointment on shorter notice. A large number of items to be appraised requires a larger block of time and may be harder to schedule on short notice.
How do you charge?
By the hour. Charging a percentage is unethical.
How do we arrange payment?
A bill will come with the finished appraisal.
How long will it take?
That is hard to determine without specific information. Since we dictate our appraisals, we are able to appraise an average three bedroom home in about an hour. Collections, silver, china , glass, and paintings all require more time than the usual household furniture.
This estate is in storage. How do you handle that?
We often appraise items in storage. However, it is much better and less costly to make an appraisal before furnishings are packed and moved into storage. When necessary, you contact the storage facility to arrange access for me. I will ask them to have the furnishings out of the containers when I arrive, so you are not paying me to stand and wait. If the storage people or estate representative cannot unpack boxes, I will arrange to have someone do so for an extra $15.00 per hour. That is much better than paying my fee to unpack and repack. Some appraisers pad their fees by unpacking and repacking themselves.
How will I know what is where?
The furniture will be described fully in the appraisal. The boxes will be numbered and the contents and the values of each box are listed on the appraisal.
What should I do to get ready for an appraisal in the home?
To save time, you might unpack boxes that contain china or glass. Don’t worry about getting linens out of closets, or boxes of Christmas decorations unpacked. If sets of china, glass or silver are scattered out in several places, it will save time if a set can be grouped in one place
Do you appraise every item?
No. We appraise the furniture and the more valuable accessories. It also is important to appraise anything specifically mentioned in the will. Of course, any item where there are question of value can be included. Normally, the smaller, less valuable items in a room are priced together in a group. If necessary, every item can be appraised individually.
How do you know what values to put on items?
Through my sale business, I’ve sold over 500 households in the last five years. This experience enables me to determine the fair market value of all types of furnishings. For antiques and collectables, as well as paintings, I have a library of over 800 reference books as well as subscriptions to periodicals, Invaluable and Artnet, antique and painting research web site.
How long before we will receive the appraisal?
Turn around time is about a week. Longer appraisals with a lot of antiques and art work which need research will take longer.
Do you provide any information about your qualifications with the appraisal?
Yes. The appraisal will have a cover letter stating the methods used to determine values and stating that I have no personal interest in the items appraised. Additionally a resume of qualifications will be attached.
Can you provide references?
Yes. I have a list of attorneys, trust officers, guardians and private individuals who use my services.